Children’s Science Books About the Moon and The Lunar Landing

Young children often go through a phase when they are fascinated by the moon. You’ll want to have these books ready to satisfy their scientific curiosity. Note:  Post contains Amazon Affiliate links. Nonfiction Beginning Readers The Moon (Space) by Martha … Continue reading

#Kidlit Science Poem Books for Children

April is Poetry Month. What better time to promote both science and poetry? For budding scientists, hearing science poetry might increase their interest in language arts. For budding poets, reading science poetry will make them realize that any topic can … Continue reading

List of Children’s Books About Decomposition and Composting

Nothing says spring like spreading fresh compost on the garden. Note: this post contains affiliate links to Amazon. Help your children understand the process of decomposition and the nutrient cycle through composting, starting with a good book. Board Books The … Continue reading