A Giant, Redwood-Sized List of Tree Books for Kids

Children interested in trees? Thinking of doing a tree study unit? Here are some great books about trees for children just in time for Arbor Day. ________________________ Disclaimer: Just so you know, I am an affiliate with Amazon. If you … Continue reading

Books for Gardening Together with Children

Looking for activity ideas to incorporate into home, school or community garden projects? Here’s a “growing” list to help you get started. (Updated 3/2015).     Note: Linked titles go to Amazon for further information and reviews. Just so you … Continue reading

Popular Chemistry Books for Young Adults

Most of us learn about chemistry from a textbook, but that doesn’t have to be the only way. There are a number of popular science books about chemistry. Many are written for adults, but may be appropriate for young adults … Continue reading

Through the Lens of Science: Children’s Gardening Books

Below is a list of children’s books that focus on plants and gardening, organized by reading level and genre. They were chosen to support and inspire gardening science projects. Be sure to visit our earlier list of children’s books about … Continue reading